Blend Your Own Brew

Blend your own personalised tea brew specific to your tastes!

We strive to create tea blends which tastes amazing and offer a range of health benefits, although sometimes you just need to make something designed specially for you. So we have deconstructed a range of teas and herbal infusions so you can be your own tea master.

STEP ONE: Choose from one of our base tea’s which we have hand picked as excellent starters for your own signature blend. Choose from White, Green, Black and Pu’erh tea.

STEP TWO: Choose from our range of herbal infusions to mix and match a blend that tastes great and has a range of health benefits depending on your needs. Choose from Cinnamon, Stevia, Peppermint, Camomile Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower, Pandan leaves, Liquorice Root and Rose Buds.




How to Brew Teas?

Chapels Fine Teas are picked, sorted and processed with care following traditional tea processing methods giving you the best tea drinking experience.

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Interested in Wholesale?

Love our teas?
We offers special wholesale pricing of our finest teas.
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