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The Secret Ingredient “Eurasian Food” South-East Asian "The roots of the Eurasian community are in its stomach". Most Eurasians would define their food in terms of individual personal experience.

Please do not confuse us with “Asian Fusion” food; Asian fusion is a modern interpretation of blending ingredients and styles to the individual chef’s preference to deliver a personalised dish without any cultural connections or history. Eurasian cooking defies strict culinary definition. The Eurasian community’s diverse culinary inheritance from many nations is as colourful as the garnish on a well prepared dish.

The dishes blend many exotic ingredients drawn from a variety of cultural backgrounds – a dash of Dutch, British and Portuguese together with Indian, Chinese and Malay, mixed liberally with other European and Asian heritage.

What we have today commenced with the search and conquest for the very ingredients that go into our food and even today – the spice trade.

Eurasian cooking is truly a potpourri of foods and methodology, deriving from a culturally rich community in which individuals are comfortable and familiar with serikaya or Welsh rarebit for breakfast and devil curry or roast beef for lunch. It is the type of cuisine that brings joy at the recognition of the ambrosial taste of sambal blachan served with oxtail stew or smoore and chap chye.

If you were to ask a group of Eurasians today what Eurasian food is, the answer would be very revealing. Not only would the basic ethnic strains emerge, but as in any community, the answers would reveal the socio-economic and educational background of the family. Mention would be made of devil curry, feng, mulligatawny, sambal belachan and sugee cake.

The classics! However most of these foods are not eaten every day. They are normally prepared for special occasions. The food more frequently eaten would be chilli pork chop, oxtail stew, lamb roast, corned beef cutlets, pepper and onion steak, fish and chips, vindaloo and a variety of curries and Chinese dishes.

*Please note that our menus are seasonal and may change*


Our breakfast menu delivers not only western options such as Bacon and Eggs, Eggs Benedict or Pancakes to name a few but we also have other options that include

Rice Vermicelli Noodle Omelette or “Bee Hoon” – Rice Noodles, Shiitake Mushrooms, Bean Sprouts, spring Onions, Sesame Oil and Eggs served with a Sweet Chilli condiment garnished with Coriander.

Kim Chee Pancakes (seasonal) A Korean staple, savory Pancakes packed with Kim Chee served with a sour salad of Carrots, Chinese cabbage, and Onions bathed with a Rice Wine Vinaigrette dressing.

Rice Congee or “JOOK” – An Asian rice Porridge served with condiments of soy and cut chilli on the side so you can spice up to your taste choose from Chicken, Seafood or Vegetarian style.

Malay Green Pandan Fritters – A Unique Southeastern Asian Pandan flavoured Coconut Pancake. . Served with a Mango and Passionfruit Caulis then drizzled with Palm Syrup and Coconut Cream.

Lunch & Dinner

True to the Eurasian heritage our menu is varied and extensive. Our Menu changes seasonally so come in and check out what we have to offer!



From our main meal dishes that are served in a way to eat as an individual meal or eat the Eurasian way and share all plates at the table amongst friend and family examples being:

Beef Rendang
Tender slow cooked Prime Beef in Coconut Milk, Kaffir Lime leaves, Lemongrass, Onion, and Asian Spices, Served with Rice and a Pickled Sour Salad.

Trio of Pocket Bao Steam Buns
A row of pocket steamed Boa Buns with Sliced Duck with Plumb Sauce, Barbecue Prawns with a Chilli Lime Vinaigrette and Roast Pork with Hou Sin sauce.
All served with crisp Asian vegetables.

Dessert & Cake

Our cakes and deserts are all hand crafted in-house by our own pasty cooks. They have been crafted utilising exceptional flavours and textures with premium ingredients and delivered with creative presentation. Our range is as varied as the taste of the Eurasian palate.

Our offer includes classic Eurasian favourites, such as pandan cake, black rice pudding and of course our most popular fruit or plain scones, just the thing to have with a cup of tea from our exclusive range of imported loose tea, direct from some of the best tea gardens in China.


Our range are all gluten free and hand crafted in our own kitchen, so the size and shape may vary. Indulge in your very own macaroon madness with these gorgeous macaroons.

Flavours include:  coffee, pistachio, berry and lemon.

These flavours do change seasonally so check out our menu.

Interested in Wholesale?

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