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Iced Tea Leaves


Fruit teas are the perfect way to gain variety into your tea regime. Brought to you exclusively by Chapels, our Iced Tea Leaves are totally natural with only the added benefit of whole fruit to enhance the flavour. The secret to this Iced Tea is that rather than using green tea like most others, Chapels uses Oolong tea.

Oolong tea, unlike green tea, has the added benefit of not going bitter after prolonged brewing, so the leaves can be brewed 5 to 6 times and still maintain consistent flavour. In other words, only 2 heaps teaspoons of Iced Tea Leaves will deliver 5-6 pots of brew!

Many health benefits have been associated with Oolong tea over the years, the most important of all being the ability to boost metabolism by up to 10% – therefore aiding in weight loss ability! This is helped by the ability of Oolong tea to stabilise and regulate blood sugar levels to the amount that your body requires. Through these benefits, it should not surprise that Oolong tea promotes healthy skin and bones.