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Flower Teas


Chapels has sourced a range of flower teas (artistic flower tea as referred to in China) that are hand rolled using the finest tea leaf. Our range heralds from Fujian Province, world famous for their tea production

Green tea used in our flower tea range is made solely with the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant that have undergone minimum processing, These are coupled with numerous whole dried flowers and handcrafted into balls that unravel during steeping and present not only a visual feast but a magnificent brew that has varied floral tones.

Each tea type has not only green tea leaves which evidence suggests that regular green tea drinkers have lower chance of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer but the added blend of flowers are believed in China to be key remedies in alleviating many health and wellbeing issues (these however have not been proven in the west). The flavours are a natural mix from woody, nutty, floral to fruity tones that will invigorate anyone’s taste buds

Read through our range each tea type has a overview of the ingredience and benefits………. Please enjoy!

Western medicine has proven the health benefits’ of tea through many studies, results have been published in medical journals outlining these benefits we have mentioned All the information on the added components in this product and the health benefit are from centuries old Chinese remedies and have no western scientific backing.