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Our Story

Chapels on Whatley was born from Glenn Bartel’s and Kieth Archer’s love of a century old building they purchased in Maylands, a suburb not too far from the Perth city centre in Western Australia. The building was left to decay over a number of years before they discovered it and saw the potential in its old form.

The building was a labour of love in all the restoration, Glenn and his partner Kieth worked consistently over four years to bring it back to its former glory. The building, was originally built as a haberdashery, and over the 100 plus years has housed many business’s, including the local grocery store, clothing store and second hand furniture, just to name a few. Finally it was used as the funeral parlour Chapels; one of Perth’s more well-known establishments being the first to introduce pre-paid funeral services.

The building was left vacant for many years, in a rundown state with white ant damage and structural problems that needed urgent attention. The century old building with its ornate facade set the tone for another passion of Glenn’s that was inspired by his “Amah “ in Singapore, this being all things old from the east “Chapels on Whatley” was born — the name from the former use of the building and the concept was part of Glenn’s love of Eastern culture.

Chapels’ vast collection of decorative pieces are imported and hand chosen from all over China, Tibet, Mongolia, Japan,Vietnam, Singapore, India and Malaysia and will give an exotic look to any setting.  Glenn Bartel and Kieth Archer with their team take pride in this fact: We love the way you can blend each item with modern design and the history and symbolism gives any interior a ‘soul’ and brings many beliefs and wishes with it. These items are a fantastic centre piece or signature item for any room”. All the items are hand selected by the Chapels team and are sourced from various visits throughout Asia.

The interest that Chapels has stirred has been fantastic with numerous editorials and references appearing in many publications due to the uniqueness of the retail concept Please browse through our site and share in our love of the exotic.

The Chapels retail store is constantly evolving, we now we have the addition of our Café at 196 Whatley Crescent and we have expanded into our Emporium at 290 Whatley Crescent with a focus on Antiques and artefacts.

The cafe delivers an ambiance in line with the existing stores focus on service, knowledge on our food, retail range, tea and coffee offer as well as a place of “calm” that delivers a relaxing shopping and food experience.

The Emporium delivers an ambiance in line with the existing stores focus on service, knowledge on antiques and artifacts and is a place of “calm” that delivers a relaxing shopping experience. You can be assured of finding a one off piece of furniture for your home or a gift range that will not be found anywhere else, all carrying the promise of enhancing good will in many forms from health, wealth, longevity and happiness.

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Phone: (08) 9370 2387
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Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am until 5pm

We’re located at

290 Whatley Crescent
Western Australia

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